We create wealth through hand picked UK Property Investment Opportunities


About Henry Clare

Our experienced team specialise in sourcing discounted, high income UK property. We source unrivalled opportunities through our strong local relationships with estate agents, banks, receivers, auction houses.

Taking time to understand your financial goals, our bespoke property consultancy is tailored to meet your needs. Working with you throughout the whole process and beyond, we simplify the process of investing in UK property.

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How we work

We don’t sell property, we help you buy property thats not available through traditional channels. We take the time through one on one consultation to discuss your financial and lifestyle goals and work out a long term wealth strategy to achieve those goals giving you passive hands off income streams from UK Property. We search the market on your behalf to find the very best one off opportunities available.

  • Independent consultancy
  • Client centric Approach
  • Deal Sourcing
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Market Overview
  • Asset Management
  • Hand picked one off opportunities

We work for you

Many of our opportunities give our clients scope to add significant value whether that be for buy to sell or buy to rent. We manage the full process or acquisition to refurbishment and management to maximise capital growth or rental returns.



Having lived and worked for many years in the North of the UK our team are experts in the regional markets.


With a focus on one off opportunities not available on the open market, we are confident that over the long term the properties we source deliver strong capital growth and hands off income streams for our clients.



We partner with many of our clients to jointly purchase the property and we manage the whole process from start to finish delivering a complete hands off build to rent or build to sell opportunity o property where we can add value.


We work with our clients after the property completion to offer advice on maximising the capital growth potential and monthly income, and importantly working with them to ensure the very best exit strategy.


“Manchester is positioned as the most attractive city centre residential investment market in the UK with price growth over the next 5 years an average of 4.2%”


Typically our clients are ……..

  1. Investors from outside the UK looking to start or grow a UK portfolio taking advantage of the strong and stable UK legal and financial system.
  2. Investors from London or Home Counties who can achieve a much greater level of return for investing in the North and benefit from a local expert.
  3. High net worth business owners based locally looking for guidance and detailed analysis, due diligence and assistance through the acquisition process and ongoing asset management.

Off Plan Residential/ Secondary Market /HMO /Student

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