About Us

The primary aim of Henry Clare is simple: to create wealth through hand picked UK property investments.  

Thanks to our close relationships with estate agents, banks, receivers and auction houses, we are able to source heavily discounted properties with high potential yields. 

When sourcing properties for our clients, we take the time to gain a better understanding of their needs and what they are aiming to achieve through their investment. We then guide them through the acquisition process, offering advice and support along the way. Once the transaction has been completed, we offer ongoing support to ensure the continued success of the investment. Our clients can rest assured that the purchase of the property is just the start of a long-term relationship, through which we help them to further expand their property portfolios and increase their returns.

Our team has years of experience sourcing discounted properties with high yields. As we are property investors ourselves and we live and work in Greater Manchester, we truly are experts in Manchester property investment. a city offering some of the highest rental yields and capital growth rates in the UK.

How We Work

We Get To Know You

We begin by getting to know you. As we only work with 3 - 5 active clients at any one time, we believe in the importance of a personal connection. We don’t actually sell property and we certainly don’t act as a sales agent for a big developer looking to market their new developments. Instead, our role is to help you buy high yielding but discounted UK property which is not available through traditional channels. To get to know you, we arrange an initial phone call or face-to-face meeting so that we can gain a better understanding of your current situation as an investor. We seek to discover your investment plans for the future, whether you are looking for a short- or long-term strategy, whether you are aiming to create income through capital growth or rental yield, and whether you want an active involvement in the investment process. We can also help you calculate your investible funds. 

manchester property investment

We Source A Range Of Properties

Once we’ve got to know you and have established an agreed investment strategy, we use our extensive network of contacts to search for properties which we believe will match your requirements. After intensive research, we put together a shortlist of potential properties in the form of a tailored investment report, complete with photographs and videos. As part of our analysis, we also provide a due diligence report - a 50 point checklist covering a range of issues, including more complex ones which many novice investors fail to take into consideration. 

The checks include, but are not limited to:

  • Internal and external condition of the property
  • Estimated refurbishment costs
  • Achievable rent
  • Resale value
  • True market value
  • Asset management strategy to maximise returns (single let, HMO, serviced accommodation, short-term lets)
  • Schools, transport links, amenities

Once we understand your needs, we focus on one specific geographical location. Thanks to this strategy, we are able to strategically target areas that are undergoing early stage regeneration and which therefore exhibit potential for capital growth. 

When analysing whether a property is suitable, we also try to understand the motivations of the seller and enquire as to whether they are looking for a quick sale. If they are, we help them achieve this, whilst also securing the property at a discounted price for you.

manchester property investment

We Help You Choose The Right Property

Once we have put together a property shortlist, we analyse the options with you to help you make an informed decision. We will discuss how each deal fits with your financial and investment goals and explain what we think the best price to pay would be. We have successfully negotiated tens of millions of pounds worth of property deals in the UK, both for ourselves and on behalf of our clients, so we know when we’ve found a good deal. We always strive to achieve the best price for our clients by using our tried-and-tested negotiation strategies. 

We Assist With The Transaction

When a sale has been agreed, we can recommend our trusted lawyers, mortgage brokers and other property professionals  Alternatively, we can work alongside your own to ensure a smooth transaction.

manchester property investment

Our Clients

Although we have a range of clients, we predominantly work with:

  • non-UK investors who wish to start, or add to, an existing UK property portfolio. They wish to take advantage of the robust legal and financial systems in place in the UK. 
  • Investors from London and the Home Counties seeking to achieve high returns by investing in the North.
  • Local high net worth business owners who recognise the potential of the North West for high returns and property price growth.. 
  • We find that many of our investors purchase more than one property with us and go on to recommend our services to their friends and business partners. 


If you would like to make a high yielding Manchester property investment, please contact us