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How To Have an Excellent Reputation as a Landlord

Mar 10, 2020

The news is filled with stories of terrible landlords who have not protected their tenants and have been handed hefty fines as a result. But if you let out an HMO property to students, reputation is everything. Students will tell their friends about the service they have received in your property, so the way you…

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Student Property Investment in 7 Steps

Mar 5, 2020

Before you begin investing in the highly lucrative student property market, there are seven key issues you need to consider. In this blog post, we’ll reveal what they are, as well as explaining why we think Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) make more secure investments than so-called ‘student pods’ (PBSA).  Step 1: Cost Per Metre…

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2020 BTL Legislation Changes

Feb 17, 2020

It sometimes feels like the changes the Government makes to BTL (buy-to-let) laws are never ending. 2020 will be no different; a number of new pieces of legislation are set to be introduced in April, which will drastically alter the way landlords and investors operate. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of the biggest…

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northwest armchair investment

The Advantages of Armchair Property Investment

Feb 14, 2020

At Henry Clare, we pride ourselves on the excellent Northwest Armchair investment opportunities we offer, providing investors with the chance to purchase a property outright in their own name, with very little effort required on their part. There are a number of advantages to choosing an Armchair Investment over any other type of investment, as…

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Investing in Student Property in the North West

Jan 27, 2020

At Henry Clare, we’ve seen a huge increase in the level of interest in North West high yielding property investment. Investors and landlords are increasingly recognising the exceptional returns afforded by the region. Three of the key cities in which we operate and in which our investors have the most success are Liverpool, Bolton and…

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investing in manchester property

Top Tips For Successful Property Investment

Jan 17, 2020

If you are thinking of investing in Manchester property, there are a number of things you need to consider. We’ve compiled our top tips for successful investment in this blog post. However, we recommend that you book an appointment to speak to a member of our team before making any important financial decisions. Know your…

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What Challenges Do Property Investors Face?

Dec 18, 2019

Traditionally, investment in Buy-To-Let (BTL) property has provided a lucrative income stream for investors and landlords. However, with ever-growing challenges, including Brexit uncertainty and the introduction of new legislation, is property investment still a viable choice? In this blog, we discuss the key challenges now faced by investors.     HMO Licencing  One of the most profitable…

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Why Investors Should Consider Adding an HMO To Their Portfolios

Dec 11, 2019

As tougher legislation and ever tightening tax rules come into force, landlords are increasingly looking to diversify their property portfolios to ensure their ventures remain profitable. That is why they are now turning to investment in HMO properties; a recent survey by BVA BDRC showed that 1 in 5 landlords now own at least one…

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The Implications of Brexit on UK Property Investment

Nov 28, 2019

Brexit seems to have been in the headlines for a lifetime now and, as deadlines come and go, confusion over the implications of withdrawal from the EU shows no sign of abating. In this blog post, we discuss the pros and cons of Brexit in relation to the property investment sector.  Pros Regional Growth In…

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